The walk!

I have taken to writing again because it seemingly soothes me. Lately, at the tender age of 26, I have been discovering things about myself and life that maybe I can say that I need to learn at this time, however maybe I have never taken the time to learn them, nevertheless, I am learning.

This is my first blog in this new chapter of my life; I will be documenting many things. I’ve titled this blog ‘The Walk’, because I am on a journey. A journey to self discovery/love, to happiness, to holistic health and wealth not to mention spiritual wholeness.

It will take time but I am willing to go the extra mile to soak in all that there is, that is befitting to me of course. I don’t believe that life should be lived in mediocrity. Greatness should be had. I also believe Greatness is your own definition.

I am on work sneaking a bit and scribbling these first few lines, but there is more on my mind and heart to be said.



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