The power within…


A lot of us go through many struggles daily, sometimes I think me more than others but that’s another entry LOL!. However, in the midst of those struggles we strangely tend to look for outside sources of strength and comfort. While no man is an island and having people who care about usΒ deeply is great, what happens when we are left alone and have no one to talk to, or encourage us, what happens when we are left to face the same issues that were comforted by others but never really dealt with?

We are then faced with the dilemma of either going crazy; curling up in a little ball and bawling our eyes out or we can face our issues head on, gathering up the intrinsic strength, which I might add was always there and defeating those things that caused us to cower and more so than ever run.

For Instance, I battle with great fear. I am afraid of so many things it’s not even funny. One of my greatest battles is singing. I have a gift and I can sing but to actually get up in front of people and do it, is a problem. I have been called Β a showoff and a diva because I have declined opportunities to sing but that is so not the case. Firstly I feel sometimes not good enough and then the paralyzing fear that I have causes me to shy away from executing the very thing I was meant to do. (I am typing this and I feel the anxiety) but I am going to try, I have to face my fears, but i must conquer it from within.

One step at a time, One fear at a time. All my issues can be conquered. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I just hope it doesn’t take forever and day to do so lol! Sssshhhh -I am NOT that patient.


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