I usually wear a girdle/spanx like apparatus to keep the rolls at bay,  So today I laid out all my garments for work including the girdle, got dressed and felt superb but when I looked on the bed, staring at me was Mr. girdle/spanx like apparatus HA!. I thought I had it on. My tummy felt flat….almost lol. OMG this is PROGRESS! I was however a bit perturbed when I stepped on the scale it said I GAINED  pound. How dumb. lol

Anyway, I am yet motivated to continue and push through. Results is what I am looking for. Slow and sure, even if I want it fast. I am gaining momentum….with exercise. I am trying my best with the eating because I just LOVE food .

Next is my natural hair journey…..I wanna do the big chop soon, I sort of did a partial “big Chop lol but the fear grips my heart when I think about what I may look like if I go all out.

Sigh. :/

Anywhoo, Until next time…


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