I’d be a fool to give up…

Tonight I went to a popular annual gospel concert and a very special lady pointed out that I’ve gained some weight, I laughed it off and proceeded to say that I was working on losing it, which is the truth, but even so I felt bad.

The thought popped in my head that I should give up, I questioned my workouts, my eating, my commitment, my results and I felt a  bit defeated. I tried getting validation from my boyfriend and Mom and they both said the same thing, denying the observation of the lady. Still I felt horrible.

All of a sudden a tiny voice spoke up and said “Just keep going”. I realize that in this weight loss journey, I have to build my mental fortitude and develop some thick skin. I simply cannot let the opinions of others to ruin the journey to the goal that I’ve set for myself. I didn’t  gain all this weight in two weeks and I’m sure as there is a heaven above will not lose it in two weeks.

I’d be a fool to give up this race. This one is not for the swift, I am not competing with anyone, I am out to make Melissa, the best Melissa I can possibly be.

My body is the temple of the living God(Holy spirit), so I need to take care of it and if it’s by shedding the extra weight then so be it.

My drive has dwindled a bit but I am still in it to win it.


Until next time♥


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