As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am currently reading “The Woman Code” by Sophia A. Nelson and one of the topics is accountability. I am just halfway into the topic and I’ve realized that Accountability matters. We often say that life is based on choices but do we really think about that? Some of us like myself have often wondered about life and why we are at this point and not further. Now I know that circumstances arose and caused our expectations to be basically overruled but are we going to hold on and continue to blame those circumstances and be stuck for the rest of our lives?

Life is indeed short and just the other day I was 10 years old, add another 10 and six more and here I am. I don’t have a degree, I am not married, I don’t own a business or a car or a home and those are all the things that I planned to have at this age. I have realized that I’ve let life take me on a roller coaster and I was just going through the motions. Through this journey I am getting myself to the place where I need to take responsibility for myself. The past is gone and I cannot change it. Knowing that the past is gone is easier said than done because you then think of all the shoulda, coulda and woulda’s. It is a painful but liberating time in my life but I have to do this. I think we all have to get into us that our choices/decisions either cause rewards or consequences.

I am learning that accountability also entails how we respond to situations. We know people can be mean and sometimes plain out, NASTY but it matters how we respond to their actions because in the end we are only affecting ourselves. We have to be accountable. When we begin to be accountable, we begin to grow and when we mature, our outlook changes and we ultimately become better individuals.

“No matter what others may or may not do, I will be accountable for my actions, my choices, my words and my needs”



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  1. Real words… real talk! I too have started late in life trying to get my shit together.. But the good thing about being here is knowing that finally, I AM GETTING IT TOGETHER!

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    1. Thank you!! I am so happy you are getting things together. It’s a process, so don’t quit! Keep on keepin’ on!


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