Self Love

On this journey of self love, I am learning to really love and accept myself as I am, flaws and all. I am currently reading “The Woman Code” by Sophia A. Nelson,  and she was speaking on being authentically you and I realize that being an authentic you is loving yourself through and through.

Why do we compare ourselves to others? Personally, I compare myself with others and that has always left me in a defeated state. I often ask myself questions like ‘why can’t I be that size or have that shape or can sing like that person’  and you know what, that is so horrible. How can we be Authentic and compare ourselves to others who are being authentically themselves?

Authenticity go hand in hand with uniqueness. I on the other hand, focus on so much of what society considers flaws that I don’t embrace me. I am a gorgeous woman! I may be a couple of extra pounds but even with that, I look great and getting better. I am getting there. I was watching a couple of my pictures and really looking this time and I am beautiful. God did a great piece of work when he made me.

Authentically Melissa! I like the sound of that… I am a phenomenal women, I’ve been through hell and high water but I am here, though I am still being polished. I am shining bright like a diamond or reflecting the light! LOL!

More work to be done but this journey is an eye opener. I think because this time I am  being intentional about self discovery and change and frankly this is the way that it has to be.

Until next time.♥


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  1. DeniDani says:

    I’m glad for you and your eye opening journey hun and you are very beautiful; it’s awesome when you see it yourself. I also don’t see the “extra pounds” as you call them, I honestly have NO IDEA where you see this but as women, we can be overly critical of what we see in ourselves as ‘flaws’ so yay you on this discovery journey 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the love Deni!!!! Your encouragement means a lot!!! Continue to read, like and share my posts. I am grateful for this journey! 🙂

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  2. Thank you love!!! I really appreciate the words of encouragement. Continue to stop by and don’t forget to like and share 🙂


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