I did it with the lights on!

This morning, I woke up for my morning work out and I felt so refreshed and…CONFIDENT. I usually work out in the dark, just me and the computer light. I don’t even like anyone opening the front door while I work out, always fearing that someone will see me or laugh at me or something along those lines but y’all this morning was different. I put on my work out gear, put my the disk in the player and kept the LIGHTS ON!!!

I am currently doing “CIZE”-I like dancing but fear has caused me to put that desire on the back burner- but this is so different. The steps are sometimes difficult and sometimes I want to quit but I am compelled to keep going. When Shaun-T says “You can do this”, I answer to my computer screen with a  lofty ‘you bet I can!’and keep it moving; but my favourite part is by far the Cool Down and no it’s not because I’m finished with the work out  HAHA! *rolls eyes* but the music and the moves  ARE so SEXIFIED…I will do a review after the three months but so far, I recommend. While doing my workouts, I feel alive, sexy, sometimes like I am on stage and the crowd is cheering my name (Melissa, Melissa!!!) while commenting on how I can dance so well. LOL!!!!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actively started my journey, and as for the weight-loss portion of it, I am seeing results. I haven’t been on the dreaded scale since it said emphatically that I gained a pound, I was wondering how this apparatus could even have the gall to lie to me when it knows that I’ve been dancing my fat off lol but my clothes are giving me LIFE right now. They are looser, especially around my arms and waist. My arms has always been a “problem” area of mine, well big arms and legs run in my family and I was blessed with both but sometimes I cannot wear the clothing I want to wear because of those blessings :D. Anywhoo, I am happy for the small changes I am seeing, even though many times I want to lose all the extra pounds during one of my work outs.

I feel motivated to continue  and not quit this time because lawd knows how many times I have tried to lose weight but chocolate and fries are so DAMN GOOD!!! I love to eat, because food, good food is one of life’s pleasure that I love to indulge in, maybe just a bit too much but I do, I believe everything in moderation, so while I am trying to lessen my intake of fatty foods, I will indulge once in a while, because as I said chocolate is just to DAMN GOOD!.

I plan to keep doing it with the lights on because I GOT IT LIKE THAT! BOOM! 😉 🙂


Until next time 😉BLACKSUPERWOMAN


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  1. DeniDani says:

    I find myself looking forward to these! Keep sharing, you have an audience


    1. Thanks lady!!! I appreciate it and I will keep sharing 🙂


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