Yes, I am rambling!

We are only in the 4th month of 2016 and I am hearing and seeing an increased rate of dishonesty and disloyalty in relationships. I have noticed that more marriages are ending because of infidelity. Friendships are ending because people simply are not loyal or simply they just don’t know how to be friends.

I am trying my best to figure out why people cheat. I have been cheated on by someone I truly cared about and the pain I felt was excruciating, I heard explanations as to why it happened and it all boiled down to their “feelings” LOl! I can laugh now but when I think about it, was that even a plausible reason to betray someone because you had “feelings”?!? *rolls eyes* and to think both parties were supposed to be my friends. Persons like me, who are genuine to others get their hearts broken all because people have “feelings” and don’t exercise self control and feel that they are entitled to do and say whatever we want. YOLO?  Is that it? *Shrugs*

As a person who aspires to be married one day, the memory of this indiscretion sometimes haunts me and then the statistics with marriage is also daunting. Marriages are failing left and right, people are cheating like their spouses are not enough and then the divorce rate is so high, Lord Jesus, intervene. 😦

We are emotional beings plagued constantly by feelings and emotions but if we were to live based on our feelings alone, can you imagine what this world would be like? Most likely all of us would be dead. Because let’s face facts, in this world today many persons are stuck on stupid and do stupid things. When you are not in control of your feelings or emotions, you can do things that can be both detrimental to yourself and others.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve experienced being used by persons who said that they were “friends”, and then discarded like yesterday’s garbage because my purpose was now completed, . After those painful events we then develop trust issues, get mean, and the sad thing is that most times we are unaware of our new dispositions; sadly most times we don’t get better, we are now on a downward spiral.  We become complacent and become just like our offenders but thank God there is hope.

I have a handful of persons that I can truly call friend and you know what, I am happy with it that way. It used to bother me that I don’t have many friends but I will stick to those who have stuck with me through victories, defeats, disagreements and everything in between. Also, I’ve realized that many people don’t share my value system, so we would not be able to forge a friendship. Its okay…I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me.

Anyway, this was on my mind this morning!

Until next time…Blessings to you and yours!♥



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  1. DeniDani says:

    It can be disheartening when you look at statistics but shift to the anomalies and use them as examples. there are good model marriages out there but our jacked up society just exemplifies the bad; let your mind spotlight the good, they still exist.😊


    1. Oh yes indeed it can be disheartening and of course I am not losing hope, there are many great examples out there. It’s just happening close to home a little too often and I needed to share my thoughts on it.

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