Weigh In…

So today I stepped on the scale for the first time in a month since I have started my “Cize” workouts and I am not pleased but still not sad because I expected the scale to say what it said. So basically the scale said I haven’t lost a pound. Even with that news, I have to say that I am yet motivated to continue to work out and to get my temple into it’s best state ever.

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that my body has shown great improvements. My arms has went down and my stomach as well. Those dreaded side rolls has decreased(praise yahweh). Also, I live on a hill and I am not so winded when walking it up.

I guess you can say that results are relative. I, myself usually stay away from the scale because based on my expectations can make me so depressed when I step on it. This time I feel different. I am prepared to work work work work work (in the words of Rihanna). :p

I will post pics of my body after the 2 month mark and maybe I will even post a short clip of me working it out….MAYBE … 😉 😉

Until next time loves!


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