Chef Beauty!

I love the kitchen! My love for eating is surpassed by my love for cooking. I love to try new recipes and have my family with full bellies and contented smiles.

Today was no different. After a minor set back with NAWASA leaving us without water until 11 this morning, I prepared a simple ensemble comprising of Oven fried fish, steamed veggies, rice and lentils and steamed plantains.

The Fish-  I breaded the fish but dipping it first in my flour mixture( flour with cajun seasoning) then my egg mixture(1 Egg with some hot sauce and salt) and Breadcrumbs (seasoned breadcrumbs with corn meal, dried cilantro and oregano.)

The Veggies-Sauteed onion, grated garlic, grated ginger in some oil and butter, then I added my  pumpkin and carrots, left that to steam a bit, then added some kale, bell peppers, cabbage and egg plant to the pot and let it steam on low heat, then turned the heat off and let the heat of the pot finish cooking the veggies.

The Rice and lentils- I rinsed my rice and lentils and left it aside. I placed the lentils in a pot of water that only covered the lentils a bit with grated garlic, grated ginger, seasoning peppers, cilantro, oil and chicken stock. I placed that on the fire for 15 mins, and then took it off the fire to rest and let the peas burst and plump up. When that was done, I added the 2 cups of rice with a piece of a maggi cube, water and my seal of approval 😉 and let that bad boy steam until everything was cooked to perfection (No coconut milk today but it is not always needed.) I was pleased with the end result.

It was all made with love. Here are some pics of the before and after from the fish and then the entire ensemble, plated 🙂


finished off.jpg

finished product.jpg

Seeing as I am on this weight loss journey, I would really like to make healthier but very tasty dishes. Well, that’s one of my goals…

Until next time loves♥


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