Water is such a precious commodity, we need it. Approximately 70% of our body is made up of it and it is a privilege to have clean, running water. However on a daily basis, NAWASA makes it a struggle to have that basic necessity in my home.

We pay our bills and yet, when rain falls, we don’t have water, when the sun shines, we don’t have water, if the wind blows, we don’t have water. What is more crazy is that fact that I live in Willis- An area where it rains in abundance, where there is a water treatment plant and still, water is taken on a daily basis.

It amazes me how they do it too. Sometimes 6 in the morning, it doesn’t have not a drip or a drop in the faucet, 6 in the evening, water magically disappears and doesn’t reappear until the next day. On public holidays when most persons would take the opportunity to get some serious work done, there is no water to wash, not to cook, not to bathe, not to ANYTHING!

Here is one of the loveliest parts of this, we are not reimbursed for the disruptions of service, EVER. They just do this because I guess by now we are supposed to be accustomed to this kind of foolishness. I am not the only one who shares this sentiment, because I have heard people in other places of the island and in my village complain about this idiocy. It is even more appalling, that persons have tried to contact the General Manager of NAWASA and not so much of a response. Doesn’t he have a secretary, somebody who will be willing to listen to the concerns of the people that they are supposed to be issuing “superior” service to?

Anyway, this mess has to stop. Are we paying for water in vain?

Currently it is 10:03 p.m., so I will say goodnight Folks♥

Good Morning, Good Afternoon. It depends when you read this 😉


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