The Big CHOP!

As apart of my journey of self love, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be totally transformed and rejuvenated. I wanted to become new, from my head to my feet. I have already delved quite a bit into my weight loss journey, the good times and my ever present struggles but now, I am here to introduce…MY HAIR.

My hair has been an ongoing struggle for me. Like every woman I know, I thought that “natural” hair was alright but straight, long, flowing hair was the bomb and I needed to achieve that. Since as a child,  I’ve watched my Mommy get her hair relaxed and secretly I  wanted a piece of that action. I was privileged to have the opportunity at the age of 14 to live in America, my hair was still untouched at that time and I was promised that if I relaxed my hair that it would have been well taken care of. So I was EXCITED but that promised was never fulfilled! The lack of care and attention caused major damage. I had to cut it off. I went back “natural” for a little bit but fear of what the kids at my school would say caused me to rethink my decision (I was in High School at the time).

I returned to Grenada from America in 2009 and I have not been taking care of my hair, cheap relaxers, little to no proper hair treatments, no money to do so but all the same, It was bad. I started the transition from relaxed hair to a state of naturalness numerous times but I reverted to relaxed hair, because it is easier to have the illusion of having healthy hair, when you can brush your hair in a ponytail, slick it down with some gel and place a hair piece on top. Mind you I used to look good with that, so it wasn’t all that bad until I took off the hair piece and saw the actual state of my hair….HORRENDOUS!damaged

My cousin, who has been going through the natural hair process for a couple of years now, has been encouraging me to take on the challenge. She said “Mel, you can do this” Fear is one helluva thing, hmmmn it seem to always be holding me back, like last night, when I was offered the opportunity to sing and I shook my head no while in the back of my mind I was like girl say yes but fear said uh uh uh….ok, I am rambling-back to the topic- Surprisingly, her encouragement to do this resounded deep within me, and so I started to the transformation.

I started braiding my hair, putting hair weave and wearing a wig every now and then so that my hair can grow out. At first I cut off some of the permed edges, because I said to myself that I couldn’t do the “big chop”, My cousin once again said, “Mel just cut off the rest” At the time, I couldn’t.

cut off some permed edges

I have been going to work for months now with an up cane row up do with an afro hair piece and I was tired. Yesterday my scalp was itching me so badly, that I decided to wash it. When I walked out the shower and looked at my hair in the mirror the urge to cut my hair was undeniable. I went to my mommy with the idea to cut it and she said go for it. I called the hair dresser in the village and she was booked, so I decided to go to town where I used to get my hair relaxed and they MOVED. I felt flustered, I walked to another hair salon and she was full…OMG OMG OMG!!! I started walking, trying to find a place and I stumbled upon this salon on St. John’s street, in the heart of town. I walked in and they were empty. HALLELUJAH. I asked the hair dresser if she can cut off the relaxed ends and shape up the hair nicely and she said yes!!

So May 28th, 2016 is the official day of my big chop!! I feel free, cute and sassy! I totally love it! The hairdresser told me that I have a long journey ahead and I need to make youtube my best friend for now…I am sooo way ahead of her LOL.


I feel good about this change! YASSSSSSSS GIIRRRRRRL YASSSSS!

Until next time loves!

big chop


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