In one of my previous posts, I explained that I don’t have a degree in my possession. While I have tried, my attempts were futile but I believe that God is in control and some times He says “Not now”. I don’t like that phrase, or the word no but some times we are not ready for certain things or it’s just not the time.

Anyway, I don’t give up easily, even though sometime I really just want to. I have done many online courses, from nutrition to song writing, I have done quite a few. I have since taken a liking to the professional development courses given by the University of the West Indies  (Open Campus). I love to learn and these programs offer me the opportunity to learn and to better myself in different fields.

So far I have completed a course in Supervisory Management and Business law and most recently in the area of Shipping and Logistics. I am proud to say that I have three certificates of Distinctions! *the crowd goes wild*. Yay me! It’s not easy to shell out money but I believe in investing in ones self and that I try to do. It’s also not easy to come from work, tired and sometimes irritated and then come and pay attention in a class, which sometimes is not the most fun lol, but I managed and quite well I might add.

These classes also offered me the opportunity of meeting new persons, while friendships may not have been forged, acquaintanceships were and for that I am grateful. My last course, my group was the bomb. Josh, Anna-Lisa, Marlon and myself, we are the best- Group 1  masssiiiiivvvvvveeee hee hee. I am feeling mighty proud of all of us. It’s good to meet good people.

Today I feel like I am on Cloud 9, I think it’s the drugs LOl, I kid, I kid. I am having a pretty great day so far. My song of the day is Magic-Let your hair down. The reggae beat is jammin and the bass lines, off the chain. Music to me is Euphoric but that is neither here nor there.

Bye y’all. Today is a good day ♥


Disclaimer: I don’t do drugs and don’t intend to. I am on medication because of the Zika and I feel a little jittery LOl… 😉


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