Day 1 of challenge

I started my challenge on 2/21/2017. I was excited and still am a great deal. I ate superbly, well in my opinion lol.


  • 1 bake with sliced fish/teabag with no sugar


  • Provisions(Yam, plantains) with fried fish/bottle of water


  • Cereal with skimmed milk

So you see I did well. I did not exercise yesterday, well at least not in the traditional way but I was in a dancing mood last night and danced while cleaning up, that’s always a fun night for me. I did gospel to soca to dancehall to African music and moved my body. My sis and dad joined in. We had fun.

I didn’t get the opportunity to exercise this morning, I guess all that dancing had me tired, so I overslept and my alarm did not go off. I plan to exercise this afternoon or evening but if I cannot, I will try my utmost best to eat well, so as to not throw off my whole plan.

This is indeed a challenge for me. I love chocolate so dang much tho smh! Urgh the struggle is real. but I will overcome.

For breakfast this morning I had 2 slices of 12 grain bread with an egg topped with a little parmesan cheese.

For Lunch I am having about 3/4 cup of rice, with provisions and fish.

Not sure about din din yet but I will think of something.

For the most part I feel good about my challenge but my brain is going 145 miles per hour with the amount of things I have to do. I will overcome. This is my year for greatness and I am being stretched because I am entering into a blessed season and I need to know how to handle it.

I am grateful to God for it all.


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