Night 2! In my feelin’s/ The struggle is real…

I have realized a long time ago that any time I am on a diet or some kind of change that the minute  I begin, I immediately want results. For instance I was constantly watching today, to see if there were any changes LOL. I counted the days til my challenge would be over-65 days- exactly and envisioned my progress in my mind smh! The struggle is real.

I almost had an anxiety attack tonight counting the things I ate tonight. I had to remind myself that this is not what this challenge is supposed to be like or what I set out to do. As I said this is a holistic challenge, peace of mind, strength and learning to like the process. That is hard for me.

I am relying on God for this challenge because I was so tempted to come home and bake a chocolate cake with some icing lol and eat a good slice but I didn’t. Instead I ate a little too much bread and I didn’t get the opportunity to exercise today. I was too busy being on the phone with my boo LOL ♥

I didn’t even read my bible today, for shame. Anyway, today is only day two but I promise to do better.

For the next 60 how many ever days- who’s counting lol I Melissa Jules will make a commitment to read my bible every day, spend time with God, drink more water and do my workouts, taking steps to healthy living one day at a time. No more anxiety, fear or failure. I will reach my goal and even surpass it because Jesus is on my side.

Good night y’all!queen


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