Day 4 “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.”~ Julie Andrews

Won’t He (Jesus) do it? Lol, Ya’ll I made it to day four. My mind is getting into the practice of getting back on track with my eating and exercise. Surprisingly, this morning my alarm didn’t have to do off, I woke up before. I lagged a bit, prayed and got out of bed. Last night I read Psalm chapter 1 and I am meditating on that on that scripture.

(Last night that scripture made me cry as I reflected on it, It caused a bit of confusion, so I am just meditating for clarity)

Anyways, I left the bed and was ready to work out. I chose a walking work out again this morning by Ms. leslie Sansone. (I think I will be doing walking workouts for a little while) Three miles, I walked and I felt good doing it. I had breakfast- toast with eggs and some chocolate spice tea :). For lunch I am having – Snapper in Garlic sauce, green salad, sweet corn and macaroni pie. Yum. It’s all in the portioning.

I feel really good today. My prayer to God is for continued strength, favor and strategy. I have much to accomplish but by his grace, I will succeed.

Find the work out vid below.


Have a great day loves. Β Remember –You is smart, you is kind, you is important.β™₯




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