Walk before you run/Confidence is Key

Today is Saturday the 25th of February, 2017. As I said in my blog yesterday, I think that I would be doing walking workouts for the coming workout days and so I did. I did Jessica Smith 30 minute power walk. I was winded smh! I am very out of shape but nevertheless I am doing the things to get myself in order.

I don’t like people watching me exercise but today I took some photos of my cool down. I know it’s hard being on this journey alone and I want to inspire someone to get up and just DO and BE!  No one can take the step for betterment for you but yourself. I am gonna try my best not to quit because someone just might be watching.

I have class today, assessment on Monday and then time with the boo and then more preparation for Monday. I am gonna be purposeful to make today a good day.

Find photos and work out vid below.

WORKOUT 2-25.jpg

Have a great day loves ♥


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