Day 5- Rest, well kinda…

I decided to relax a bit today, no rigorous exercise other than normal everyday activity. It is going okay so far, except I am extra sleepy and still have no much to do and my mind is never at rest. At this very moment (12:16pm.) I am doing laundry, then finishing the last of the dishes for Sunday lunch, then time to study and then go over songs. ย I was talking to my Mom today, telling her that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do the things that I need to do. Between work, classes and home, I am often overwhelmed with the activities that come along and then now adding “healthy lifestyle” Hmmmmn I wonder if I am taking on too much…

“I am being challenged, I am being stretched” If you’ve read my recent blogs, you may have seen these words before, this is from a sermon I listened to by Sarah Jakes Roberts but It’s something I strongly believe. I believe I am walking into a season of greatness and I need to have a larger capacity in order to fully comprehend the magnitude of the blessing. If I stay in this frame of mind, then I will not enter into this season because it isn’t for the weak. I seldom think that I am capable of doing things but I get them done. In this time of stretching, my mind, my will and strength is evolving. IT IS TOUGH but when you’re chosen, it’s like that LOL. I am typing this and encouraging myself at the same time.

One thing that has been on my mind though is this journey is extremely lonely and while I’ve solicited the help of others, at some point I am back at square one. So maybe I just think that I need to accept the fact that this time is for me to be alone, relying on God’s strength and just growing. God has removed so many people from my life and at the time it was tough but I am gaining understanding as to why that had to happen

Anywhoo, I am off to finish doing what I need to do because at some point today I will be taking a good ole nap.

Find below the sermon, I promise it will bless your life.

Until next time lovesโ™ฅ



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