Day 6- Exhausted

Good Morning y’all! I hope that your morning is going well. This morning I feel good, hopeful, expectant for good things in store. However I am equally as exhausted. Last night and this morning was a bit hectic for me, Trying to finalize everything for today was tiring and my day will not be finished until around 10 tonight. I have my assessment later on which by the way, I feel very ill-prepared for and then practice. In all this I am trying to stay positive. I told myself I can do this and I can, I am relying not on my own strength πŸ˜‰

I did not work out today but will try to do so on tomorrow God’s will. I did a small meal prep lol because right after my class, I have practice and in those moments of hunger and weariness, I am weak and want the fries and chicken or pastries or pizza or ….you get my gist. So this morning, Β I prepared a pita bread with sauteed carrot, cabbage, bell peppers and fish. Yes the girl is doing it.

For breakfast, I had a small piece of coconut bake and eggs with bell peppers and salt fish(hey don’t knock it, til you try it.) accompanied by some spice tea. it was delicious. For snack, I will have an orange with water and for lunch, left overs from yesterday. I cheated a tiny bit yesterday and had a piece of turnover and it was good and I don’t feel bad about it, well maybe a little.


While on my way to work, Two ladies came into the bus and the one who sat by me was thicker than me, her bum couldn’t really fit in the seat lol but then another lady stopped the bus and she was even bigger than we were came into the bus and sat on the seat adjacent to ours. There was a lady sitting in the back and proceeded to say as a job fat, fatter, fattest. Now yes it was a joke but I don’t like that word, it’s like the B word or the other F word, just obscene. I let it slide because it was a joke and I didn’t wanna seem to too touchy and plus, I was too tired to even say much. So I fake chuckled and kept it moving.

I saw a rainbow this morning, it means blessings are flowing and it is about to be a great day. BELIEVE!

I will stop rambling now. Have a blessed day loves and remember. You can do all things through Jesus who strengthens you! β™₯


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