Day 7-Unmotivated

This morning I got my butt outta bed, ready to take on this day. I did a Latin Spice walk with Jessicasmithtv and had fun doing it. I read my bible, had a good breakfast, great shower and was pumped. I got to work, singing…SINGING and then I walked in the door and  El Diablo decides to show his ugly ass head. Ugh

I am now sitting here, waiting on 4:30  so I can be out this piece. Today I cannot be bothered with anything because I am already super annoyed and it is 10:53 a.m. I want to EAT!!! I want some fried something with something chocolate afterward.Sighs. I had an orange. I may have some peanuts or something later- later as in the next 10 minutes.

I may end up at my class this evening just to finish off some work but Jesus will have to say so lol or else I will be taking my fine behind home. It is raining and I do NOT wanna get caught in this weather.

For lunch I will be having macaroni pie, with stewed peas, mutton and plantain. Eh *shrugs* I wish I could be eating a focaccia melt at Umbrellas but I thank God for his blessings. I have started to drink more teas (no sugar) with lunch, It helps with the burning of calories plus it’s comforting well dependent on the tea lol

I am pretty much right now in my own world and I don’t wanna be bothered!

Anyways guys, have a great day. Find the workout vid below.


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