Have you guys ever watched Between the Lions? Well if you haven’t, this was a show on PBS and on this show they had different segments. One of the segments was with Cliff hanger and his catch phrase in a sense was ‘can’t hold on much longer!’. cliff-hangerAnyway, this afternoon I feel like I can’t hold on much longer, what I mean is the urge to eat is kfc or some fried goodness is strong LOL.😭


(The photo above shows, the good ole breast and fries)

I had my lunch, saltfish souse with dumplings, green banana(fig), yellow yam and plantains and I downed it with a malt. Yet I feel unfulfilled with this meal choice. BRING ON THE MEATπŸ‘€. Smh, my cravings are getting stronger. Is there anyone out there with this struggle? LOL. I am trying to be disciplined but my appetite sometimes seems bigger than discipline. Smh!

Anyway, I am gonna go to finish my assessment and then go home and eat oatmeal or cereal like a good Melissa. Kfc is in my path to the bus, 😁 I need my legs to walk straight tonight. Ha! Tonight my legs need a mind of their own to do the right thing because my cravings will lead me right to the front of the line.

Somebody pray for me! LOL but I am serious PRAY!πŸ™


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