Insomnia Day nine!

Let me tell y’all something, when I don’t sleep I get cranky and guess what?,  I did NOT get any sleep last night. I have no clue why this happened but my body refused to shut down. I prayed, I begged, I cried and yet I was up. Now I am at work tired as ever and I have to function throughout this day. Through all this aggravation, I got up and worked out. I did a 40 minute work out with Ms. Jessica Smith called “Belly, Buns and Thighs walk”. It was pretty decent but I felt like a zombie working out.

I had oatmeal for breakfast and for lunch I having a chicken roti thanks to “The Clam”, I have no idea for dinner. I may workout tomorrow morning but that depends if the Lord decides to provide me with sweet sleep as was promised in his word- Father can you hear me?

On a more uplifting note,  I mentioned before that I had an assessment to do. There was one portion of my assessment that I just couldn’t get, I tried and tried on Monday and I couldn’t get through. I gave up. However yesterday I said to myself, try again. So I read up so more, and I tried again and you know what, I GOT IT! I went to finish my assessment yesterday and like a boss, I finished in 10 minutes. My verifier signed off and the crowd went wild *Melissa, Melissa, Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, well the crowd went wild in my head.

Today I saw a rainbow, my sign- The Lord is blessing me, and working things out for me and my father. I have to continue to believe.

Anyways, since I have put my thoughts to paper (sort of), I am not so cranky anymore. I am smiling :). I am looking forward to a good day, hope you are too!



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