Day 14!!! Two week check!


Time is flying by and I am settling into a routine, which has it’s pros and cons but I am getting the hang of it. The first few days of this challenge I wanted to quit but that’s why it’s called a challenge right, because it’s meant to test your will. 62 days to go until the end of the challenge and I am looking forward to everyday and blogging about it. I am seeing results guys, not on the scale but through my clothing. My skirt zipped up so easily this morning and I tucked my blouse in with no extra huge bulge. (insert shout music and praise break) God is good oh!!!!!

I was feeling very sick on yesterday evening and not 100% today either but I got my butt up and did my work out. This morning I did “Stride and Strength” by Ms. Jessica Smith. This incorporates cardio with strength training. Needless to say, my inner thighs and legs are hurting me because those muscles need some work but I am gonna work.

I am not gonna be too long today, but I just wanna encourage someone and myself today. Please know that the race is not for the swift but the one that endures til’ Β the end.

Have a lovely day loves and thank you for reading, liking and sharing my posts. Honestly It means the world to me.β™₯


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