Day 16- Do not take rides from strangers…

About two days ago, I decided to walk the long way out to get the bus, it was a fine afternoon and I wanted to enjoy the scenery just a bit. While walking, I heard pssst, psst, psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst, I paid that no mind and kept on walking, about a minute later a gentleman stopped to give me a ride, I contemplated taking the ride but then I conceded with the notion that he was nice enough to stop to take me out from the sun. Little did I know He had an ulterior motive.

The ride was about a minute and He explained that He was going the other direction, that He would have to drop me off at the roundabout, I was fine with that- then he said “unless you want to go with me and after I drop you home” I said, ‘oh really?’ This disrespectful bulldog💩, then turns and tells me “Yea, I have to put you to work first girl😏” In disgust😒, I closed this man’s vehicle door and started to walk, He saw the look on my face and started to drive. Then the thoughts started to flood my mind-What if He had continue to drive with me? what if He had put me to work? What work was He talking about? *side eye* You know damn well, what work he was talking about Melissa😒… Does he have a sweatshop? 😨What if I became his slave for the sex? 😨Ugh, Thank God for small mercies…🙌

It is amazing how men view women as objects to fulfil their ludicrous pipe dreams. Excuse me but WTF!! I was appalled, like I was wrong for taking the ride in the first place but Hello, you don’t know me from nowhere and your first thought is to put me to work. I think as women, we accept whatever derogatory thing we’re being told and brush them off as jokes and Men has lost their level of respect. A woman was meant to be cherished, loved almost revered because we are ethereal creatures crafted by the heavenly father, but, we’re treated like common trinkets when we are treasures.Collage 3-9-17

Anyway, I am mad alllllllll over again but today is too good to be thinking about that fool. I resumed my work out today with more strength training and may try to continue tomorrow. I am still not 100% in body and I am bloated but nevertheless but I am at work, making dat  dollar lol .

Be good to yourselves y’all and remember don’t take rides from strangers, they may end up being CREEPS!😒


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  1. jpjh says:

    >_> What work indeed lol
    On behalf of guys, I apologize, mama.


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