Friday 10th, 2017 Day 17(Sick Day)

Today I am home sick because my body is not acting right or maybe I am not acting right and my body is fed up lol, either way I am home and wish I had a nurse because I want to be babied and pampered and doted on but I am alone 😢. Anyway, I woke up after 5 feeling really nauseous and weak but I was determined to work out, I mean the challenge is on and popping. So I got up and did a 20 minute interval training- that means I exceeded my weekly quota, yay ME!!!!!!!🎈🎆 Well y’all, when I finished, I just had to go straight back to my bed, yes I bathed but you get the gist. Waves of nausea and weariness came over me which led me to my decision that I needed to stay in bed.


I had some cereal for breakfast and then came the diarrhea. SMH!! I wish I could take my stomach from my body, give it to the doc, let him patch it up and then give it back to me. Now I am hungry but I don’t want to do anything. My mom brought a snack box for me home last night, like a good challenger I did not eat it then but I want to devour it now but it ain’t lunch time…


I had to go to town briefly earlier and dreaded every minute of it. I felt so sick that I literally wanted to vomit but I made it back and I am devouring that snack box like I haven’t eaten in a week. I swear I wanted to buy piece of kfc today but God blocked that thought LOL. The line in that place was ridiculous and I was NOT  gonna stand in nobody’s line, so that was a NO from me. I am back home and I am finished eating and will give my digestion around 15 minutes because I want to be in the bed.

My head is now hurting and I am experiencing joint pains in my legs and under my feet is also hurting, I wonder If I am catching the flu? 🤔…The devil is a liar though, I better not be because ain’t nobody got time for that. I think I want to go to the beach on tomorrow. Maybe that would be best. I may ask my dad to take me, He better not say no lol.

The body is such a fragile yet strong entity. It needs maximum care at all times, after all it is our temple. This challenge is teaching me to take good care of me, mentally, emotionally, physically and the rest of the ly’s applicable. ☺

Anyways y’all have a blessed rest of the day and pray my strength. Continue loving, laughing and living♥


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