Day 19 Real Talk though,I feel FAT!!!

I am not too sure if this is premenstrual foolishness but I feel real fat! I’ve been real emotional for the past couple of days and today is no different. I feel HUGE. My stomach looks big, I am walking around the house and I don’t feel like my efforts are paying off. I am challenging myself not only physically but mentally as well, but today I am going through the motions. However, I am not putting that aside, I am actually taking the time to feel.

I didn’t work out today because today is a rest day but I feel like I should have, because maybe, just maybe some kind of endorphins would kick in and make me feel …… well not this way. For breakfast I ate piece of coconut bake with cheese and had a teabag with some condensed milk, for snack I had half of a papaya. It’s about lunch time and I don’t even want food, I want ice-cream or frozen yogurt with bits of chocolate in it…Yes I am pouting but I guess that’s all in it. Not everyday can be sunshineβ˜€οΈ, roses or rainbows🌈. We will get discouraged and want to quit or eat. In my case I wanna do both but then I won’t just feel fat, I would be gaining extra weight, then the cycle would never end.

Good news though lol, I discovered that I really like the Artist ‘Jidenna’. I love his uniqueness. He wears suits and that’s pretty unusual in comparison to the music he does. I have been listening to his songs all day, downloaded them on my phone and just vibing to that. Right now, I have “little bit more” on replay and it is making me wanna just danceπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. check it out

Anyways guys, I really hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Eat good food, enjoy the presence of family or friends! No arguing, No stress and definitely No BS, just peace and positivity; Love and light!β™₯

Until tomorrow… Take good care!β™₯


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