Day 20! Quick Post/Gastrointestinal Issues

I didn’t do a post earlier on today because well I am not well and could not have done so. I tried to go to work but my body wasn’t having it. I will try to go to work again on tomorrow but I will be seeing a doctor as well.

For those who know me well, know I have stomach issues, hyperacidity to ulcers to constant indigestion and nausea, that leads to headaches and weakness etc… Β I have experienced it-I may even have a hiatus hernia I attribute my feeling unwell to this. I have been on medication for a very long time but it doesn’t seem to be working, maybe it’s because I was/am trying to wean myself off of them but anyways, I get sick to the point that I cannot function properly.

This has hindered me from doing many things, even exercise. I cannot do many ab work out because I feel pain. I cannot operate to my max at my job or even help out with regular house chores. Anyways I felt really ill today, cold sweat and everything, so I returned home for rest. I didn’t attend class on today but i did go to choir and I feel sick again. Today I didn’t eat properly or on time. smh. I know I need to do better. Help me sweet baby Jesus!

Anyways guys, try this work out. It is quick and easy but does the job!

Until next time lovesβ™₯


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