My weekend plans…Day 24

Rest day today, no work out. Woke up early to cook, did vegetable rice with Basmati rice with steamed fish in veggies. Last night I saw a quote and I said, yes I will have something captivating to write about but this morning with all the hustle and bustle to get out the house and to work, I completely forgot the topic and my mind is blank on what to write about. In that regard I am stuck.

It’s a good things I have some awesome plans for the weekend, so I will just speak about that YAY!!!!!!!

giphy (4).gif


I finish work at 4:30 ish….I say ish because sometimes, depending on the day I leave work at around 5 or even 6, anyway hopefully I leave work today at about 4:30 and then it is off to the grocery store because my cousin asked me to bake some cupcakes for her bake sale on tomorrow- we decided on a red velvet cupcakes with frosting. First of all, I only found out this morning that it was for a bake sale, Anyways off to the grocery store.

**I needs eggs, oil, sugar(white), flour, cupcake liners, sprinkles etc…regular cupcake stuff and oh, I have to remember to get my mom her cinnamon.**

Next on the list…


Tonight I will be making Barbecue chicken pizza. I will make it on a focaccia bread base and do the barbecue chicken topping. I will be using cheddar cheese but seeing as I am on a diet, I will only be having one slice and maybe a salad.giphy (3)


I went to class on Wednesday and lemme tell you I am fed up. I am currently pursuing a CVQ in Management and the class is not going as planned. There are many inconsistencies going on and I don’t feel like I am getting my monies worth but I digress. I was bored on Wednesday and didn’t do a thing, so now I have to play catch up, I will be sitting my fine behind on the computer and do some work.

giphy (2).gif


I have not been to church in months, not because I don’t want to attend church but I have had some qualms with my home church that has caused me to not want to go….that is another post all in itself…anyway, I may go..*shrugs*.

My weekend is turning out to be…drumroll please…giphy (1)

giphy (1)

giphy (1)

giphy (1)



giphy (5).gif

I need to get out more, smh.

I will still try to enjoy my weekend though because I cannot get back those days anyway.

I hope your weekend is more eventful than my own, take the time to enjoy the sunshine or the rain, smell the flowers, really taste your food. Be free and enjoy life.

Love you guys! Until next time!♥♥♥☺ TURN UP!!!

giphy (6)


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