Love and Light Day 27

I weighed myself and I am at the same weight from last week’s weigh in, no change but from the way I ate this weekend, I am forever grateful. I did my workout this morning- well I started with CIZE but switched to Jessica Smith’s 15 minute sculpt workout, so I got some cardio and strength in this morning. I had a good breakfast of eggs with coconut bakes and some tea and my awesome morning began. On my way to work I was blasting an African song from Joyous Celebration and it uplifted my spirit, mind you, I have no idea what the words mean but I connect in some way that I can’t really explain but I am loving it.

Got to work and work is going okay. It is pretty quiet and I am enjoying the quietness. I get time to pray and to blog ☺ and to just relax. I am trying my best to breathe today and just be instead of stressing and worrying over things that I really have no control over. There is hope where there is life and I am gonna choose hope, believing that something good is gonna come out of every bad situation and I am being blessed regardless.

So over the weekend, I did my baking of the pizza and the cupcakes and I realize that maybe I can start a small order business. It’s just an idea but my skills shouldn’t go for waste and I can use this as an avenue to make money. I may wanna take a class or two but I can make a start.IMG_20170319_215217_155.jpg

I am trying my best to stay positive but boy it is easier said than done. Affirmations do help though, as it reminds you of who you are and what you are capable of. Today affirmation is “I am Melissa Jules, I am strong, I am resilient, I am number one.  I am going to make it”

Try it, it just may work for you…

I have classes and choir later on today and I am looking forward to both.

Bidding you a day filled with love, light and positivity♥

Happy International day of Happiness!!!!!!☺♥


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