Weight Loss Challenge update- Day 26



It is day 26, I promised to post everyday of this challenge but trust me y’all I was not feeling it, thus the late post, I digress. It is 26 days and I do not feel that I am where I supposed to be. I am STRUGGLING WITH MY EATING… Well in my opinion I am, I am letting too many things slide but I be soooo hungry LOL. It is really a mental struggle to keep on track and not want instantaneous results and that in itself is  a feat.

I am very overwhelmed at this point, It feels like I have so much going on and then this challenge and I feel stretched to the point where I am not functioning properly. Honestly today I wanted to quit, just say forget this ish and move it right along. “People will understand”, well so I think but that’s not always the case when others are counting on you.

I went to church this morning, looking for a word and the message was good but I did not receive what I thought I was going to, so I am here waiting for God to send me something that would uplift my spirit not only in the area of weight loss/control but life in General. Sometimes these storms arise and you will like it will just crush you to pieces.

In my previous post I indicated some things that I would doing this weekend but I have not gotten to any school work and I do not think I will. I have no zeal. I am sure I gained every pound   I lost back over the course of this weekend. I don’t even want to get up in the morning to exercise but I will.

I am still going to try my best to get on track and to do the things I have to do to get where I need to be. I appreciate my resilient spirit that even in the midst of being downtrodden, I find that glimmer of hope within. This was not meant to be easy but sometimes it’s just too damn hard.

Check you guys later with another post, I hope you enjoy your evening.

Love y’all!♥


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