It’s a beautiful day♥ Day28


I am in very high spirits today and I didn’t wake up feeling this way. I went to bed pretty late and was very tired this morning that I didn’t even want to work out, so I did not. 🤦

I know, I know I will have to play catch up on tomorrow morning and I promise I will but this morning my mind and body was NOT having it. I turned off my alarm and baby, I layed in the bed because I couldn’t go back to sleep from 4:58 to 6:10 a.m. Thank you body clock for being the best 😒

Anyway, I had an okay breakfast (I need to stay away from bread) and did all the necessaries and headed off to work, I think part of the reason for this good good feeling was because this morning, I tried on my skirt that was so tight and the waist now is loose….I have space haha!!!!! ♫♪♫ What’s the matter with Jesus- He’s alright♪♫💃🏽💃🏽 I am overjoyed at this small feat that I’ve accomplished and my booty is still poppin’ lol

I am at work now and I have no complaints, I am going through the day doing what I have to do and feeling really good about it. I have no class today but I have an assignment but y’all I wanna sleep so badly, but I will have to push through and do this thang.

I had a good lunch comprised of rice and peas with chicken in a very tasty sauce along with cole slaw, plantains  and WATER-life’s juice. I need a tiny nap ☺. I have 2 hours and 24 minutes til I am done with this place- for the day of course and then FREEDOM, FREEDOM BAAAAAABBBBBBYYYYY.

I wish I could go to the beach today instead of straight home but SOON😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Today’s Affirmation is this…


Continue to enjoy this day loves and if you’re not  then remember, this day will only come once in a lifetime, you won’t get it back, so make it count.♥♥♥


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