Baby Steps- Day 29

Wow, look at the time. It is already 3:18pm. The day flew by, I guess I have been having a great day, but I really have. I have been floating on this excitement cloud for this entire day. Let me share why.

Last night I was preparing my items for lunch- seasoning turkey and preparing bluggoe to be steamed, I felt like singing. I usually just put my music on at home and blast it, singing along, annoying my parents and sibling and having a great time but this time I did something different.

As I sat down to do my assignments for my course (which I did not do btw), I started listening to my music, I started with tweet- ‘oops..oh my’, then went to ‘call me’ and then I felt like some Etta James and then the thought came ‘do a video Mel’, I was like nahhhhh but then I was like, why the heck not. So I put on my big girl confidence and put on the instrumental for ‘At Last’ and started singing.

My first attempt was a fail because as I was getting into the song, here walks in my cousin, talking loudly and messing me, so I had to stop.

Second take…

I put on my camera to Video cam and it began. I introduced myself, and then started the instrumental and I started singing, I am rusty LOL but I did well considering that I was doing a recording. If you understand my struggle with singing, you would understand why this was a major accomplishment for me. Anyways, I finished recording and guess what I did, I shared it on Instagram and tagged facebook & twitter 😲😲😲😲😲😲. I still can’t believe I did but I did. Only to realize several hours later that instagram only took a snippet and left the rest out.

So at after 3 in the morning, I uploaded the entire video and the feedback is wonderful, I sang and while I was afraid, I watched fear in the face and did it anyway. I am maturing, my journey is helping me become bold and actually live. This is not an everyday thing as it should be because sometimes I cower, cover myself up and bawl my eyes out but NOT today.

As I reflected on what I did, I stumbled upon this quote and boy is it timely.steps.jpg

It is time, I am grateful that God is helping me through every stage. I am looking forward to all that he has planned for me.

I did not exercise this morning because I played boss lady, uploading my video at 3 in the morning and then couldn’t fall asleep until like 45 minutes later, forgetting my phone outside and totally missing my alarm and so I woke up too late to work out.🀦🏿🀦🏿

I really have to work out tomorrow and Friday to meet my weekly quota.

Well I love you guys for reading, until next time…πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

My cover of Etta James’- At Last.





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  1. Oh and how I enjoyed that beautiful voice. Sing more Mel! You are truly gifted.

    Liked by 1 person

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