The change starts within- Day 30

I worked out this morning!

Yes I did, now that I have established that then we can  proceed. I did my daily workout, I did stride and strength by Jessica smith and was having a pretty good damn day until a comment was made and it just messed with my head.

I was admiring myself in the mirror, when a friend of mine asked me what I was admiring, if I was vain lol, so I replied and said that I was looking at myself and my progress. Then he asked, what progress, I answered with,”my progress from my challenge” and then he said “I DON’T SEE ANYTHING” omg omg omg and smh. I rebutted and said ” you don’t have to see, I am the one that has to see”, but inside I wanted to cuss. He didn’t mean no harm but things like that mess with my head.

It didn’t stop me from having a good day but it made me start this irritating thing I do called over thinking. I had to constantly remind myself today that Rome was not built in a day and the change will occur once I am consistent and that I just started to work out again, so the changes are happening internally and will gradually show externally. Mentally this thang is a struggle for me but I am determined to overcome.

I had an extremely good day at work, lot’s of laughs, smiles and good vibrations, annnnnnd tomorrow is Friday!!!!! woohoooo. Weekend begins tomorrow. yes!!!

I had a craving for chocolate and so I came home and made a chocolate mug cake and had bread with cheese. Yes I am a bad girl but I like it…the chocolate mug cake I mean 😉😉😉. I am still hopeful to meet my goal by May 7th but tonight I am gonna eat this cake and be satisfied.

I have my school work to catch up on and I am NOT  motivated to do so but a Lady has got to do what a Lady has got to do. Off to work

I love you guys for reading, be good to yourselves!♥

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