Day 31- I am Exhausted

Good night y’all. It had so many things going on that I could not find the time to do a post. This is going to be a very short one.

I did work out this morning- Strictly Strength- by Ms. Jessica Smith via youtube and I got a good workout, however it is my time of the month and the pain I experienced today because of it was unreal. I felt like I was dying- literally. I had to take pain killers and it took a while to kick in.

Honestly right now my body feels as if I ran a Marathon because I am exhausted. Work today was filled with work, work, WORK. After one it was the next without a good breather, I finished work around after five and I had to walk all the way out because the shorter route’s gate was closed.

When I got to town, I had to go straight to the grocery story because more cupcakes had to be made and we needed some ingredients.

I had to bake immediately as I came home and I guess the exhaustion took ahold of me and sadly my cupcakes did not come out as I would have liked smdh but C’est La vie. You win some and you lose some.

I’ve just finished washing my hair and I am not even gonna look at any work- school work that is. I am about to go to bed. Wet hair and all.

Good night loves. I love you for reading.


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