Days 34- Vacation Mode

Please forgive me guys for not posting for the last two days but I was really tired and just trying to get myself up to speed with my school work (procrastination is not good). I am still not up to speed and today is supposed to be our exam. So for Days 32 and 33, I basically slept, did school work, researched, baked and just chilled at my house.

So I am officially on Β a week’s vacation and so far so good. I went to bed late and woke up late……r that usual because I do not wake up “late” because of my body’s time clock. Anywhoo I just finished working out. I did CIZE (Shaun T) and lemme tell you, I love it. I can dance, shake my body and get my workout in and that’s what’s up for me.

Today will not be a very eventful day simply because I have more work to do and I have to study, then I have my class a little bit later and afterward choir practice. I love choir, I get voice training, my confidence is being built and I am with persons of a like mind and that for me is rare but awesome.

Over the weekend, I did take a brief drive out and Β I took some pics and this was my favourite. Yasssss Melissa, you look good gyal!!! LOL progress is slow but I am making progress nonetheless. I follow many fitness pages on the various social media sites and one day when I was frustrated with my weight and working out and eating healthy when all I wanted to do was sit in the corner and devour some fried chicken, fries and soda, I saw an ad. It said to work out, be patient (not my strong point), eat well and your body will reward you

I have not been eating well 100% but I am doing for the most part, drinking my teas, staying away from soda, drinking more water, I do not know the last day I’ve had fries but it’s all working out.

As I said progress is slow but I am determined to make it.

Be determined loves, persevere, fight for what you want and you will succeed.

Have a great day, I am about to hit the books and possibly take a nap. Vacation Day 1…I am loving itβ™₯


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  1. jpjh says:

    I have to join you cause the gut is developing it’s own life. (But the cake lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahahahaha πŸ˜‰


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