Vacation …OVER Day 41

I am back at work today and I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything for the past 7 days and you will think that I was having loads of fun on my vacation but that is not the case. It was the worst vacation I have ever had. I did absolutely nothing. Yes I shed some tears on that vacation that I never thought that I would, nothing went the way It was supposed to and no I am back on work and I feel………..numb. I will not delve into what exactly happened but just know that it was horrible

I am disappointed.

While expectation is one of the biggest killers of joy, I would have never thought that the ways things transpired last week that that would even happen. Being the emotional eater that I am, I just ate. From cake to Fried chicken to fries, I ate. I didn’t over do it but I ate the wrong things nonetheless and I am sure that 4.5 pound lost is just a dream now. I did exercise last week and meet my quota but I ate to compensate every day that I worked out.

Ok Ok …So I weighed myself and gained half of a pound (Thank God)

Today, I am downtrodden and even my customers has noticed. I am usually jovial and playful even with my customers but today, I cannot even say I am strictly business because I am just moving like a Zombie. Doing my work, very robot like, my responses are monotoned and that’s just the way it is.

I have no class on today because we have a huge assessment on thursday, I am not prepared and have no zeal to even study. I will try to though because I am spending money for this course and I don’t need that to do down the drain. I am really trying to let depression take ahold of me but sometimes life just sucks ass!

I have choir later on and yes I will go but I am not even in a singing mood, like I just don’t know man, I am just tired and don’t wanna do anything.

Good News! I worked out today. Jessica smith has a 4 week HIIT challenge and I have decided to do that for the duration of April, hoping to meet my target of 6 pounds and looking darn good at the PURE GRENADA MUSIC FESTIVALβ™₯☺. Also my dress came in. My African print dress and my white dress. I am well pleased.

Can you all believe I have no appetite today, smh, IDK what the heck is wrong with me, just last week I was just eating and now I don’t even want anything to drink.

Pray my strength y’all and check out my work out vid below.

Love you all for readingβ™₯



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