Day 42……Deprived

Last night I was in the bed after 9 but didn’t fall asleep until around 11 p.m. I thought I would be having this lovely sleep, waking up refreshed but noooooo. I woke up minutes to two a.m. this morning and haven’t been back to sleep. I prayed, pleaded with Jesus about sweet sleep, I asked him what He wanted to tell me, still no sleep. Finally, I dozed off about a little after five but then ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ my alarm goes off  at 5:20 and I am frazzled, because I now have to get up to work out.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to punch the wall (but not really) but I got up and did a work out. It was 15 minutes but it worked my bum, thighs and belly out good. I had a measly breakfast of cereal and came to work.

Yes it is almost time to go home but I did not function well during the day, I was forgetting things, even what I had to say, I overate because I was damn hungry (Chinese food) and now I am just here.

On another note…

Y’all looks can be deceiving, especially pictures. If you’ve read my post yesterday, you would understand that I have been going through some SHIIIIT and with my sleep deprived self, I should look like what I am going through but I really don’t…2017-04-04 07.39.07.jpg

When you are growing through certain things, God still gives you the grace to shine and I am shining like the 💎 that I am. Diamonds only get more precious under pressure.

I pray your day is going better than my day. I believe that we are all gonna make it (Your own definition of success), We just have to take things one step at a time.


I love you all for reading♥


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