Failure to Post Day 45!


Read what the above picture says, it kinda doesn’t make sense, right? but then it does……😏😏😏

Anyways, that’s the way I was feeling from the moment I woke up yesterday til about after 6 in the evening. I really couldn’t get on to my blog and do anything, I had too much going on, I apologize.

I had my assessment yesterday for my management course and I was super ill-prepared. All of yesterday I was cramming information and I was stressed and sleepy and couldn’t concentrate and I wanted to scream. My co worker bought me some coffee 17797583_10156051032537501_680656360_o.jpg and that helped a bit until, I entered the exam room. (Lemme deviate a bit, Y’all this was some good ass coffee, the smell, the taste-nuttiness, the warmth -yum yum yum, woke me up goooood) Anyway…

I get to the exam room and I looked at the paper and giphy (1) I was blank. Smh. I had to calm down and take a deep breath to get my composure and then I started to type and then I glimpsed some of the other computers and their explanations were paragraphs and I had like two lines…..then the stress enveloped me. giphy.gif

The Assessor told us that we had to really explain in depth, so I began to type and I typed and I typed until I had to tell myself that it was enough. Then I had to condense words because I typed too much lol.

Anyways I hope I did well.

Yesterday I did no work out but the workout I did today was really good, well at least it challenged me at my fitness level. I enjoyed it because I am getting stronger and that is a plus plus.


I am having a good day so far and I hope you are to. Smile today. YOU DESERVE IT♥

I love you for reading♥17837526_10156051032457501_1268739777_o.jpg


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