Some time to do what I want! Day 46

Hi y’all, sorry for the extremely late post, but I am posting nonetheless. Today was an extremely great day. I got the opportunity to just relax and do something that I wanted to do. I went to the BEACH!!!!

When we arrived on the beach, it was literally vacant, due to the fact that today was the Inaugural Invitational for my small Island of Grenada, and boy was I happy about that.  I could just breathe, no crowds, no one rushing me, no excessive talking, just the beautiful sounds of the ocean and nature in it’s glory.

The water was just beautiful, a little choppy but beautiful still. I allowed myself to just bask in the ambience. I let the water glide over my body and heal me from the stresses of this week. I listened to waves crashing and allowed that sound to drown out the noise of my thoughts, It was a powerful experience.

I ate well, indulged a bit and just enjoyed the day, even with the little hiccup this afternoon but I had to let it be known that I just needed time to myself, not to spend it with family or friends but just spending time with me doing what I wanted today.

I think that that is very important, to spend time doing what you want, rewarding yourself for getting through the stresses of the work week, healing and restoring yourself. Whether it is turning off social media and curling up with a book, or going to the beach, going to the movies, do something that restores you, drown out the noise and just be.

And another thing, it doesn’t have to involve lot’s of money. Many times I go to the beach, I cook beforehand, make my drinks put them is containers/bottles and carry them with me. I am good in the kitchen, so I can even bake myself a treat as my dessert. If I wanna watch a movie, while the cinema maybe great, I can find some free site that gets the job done, I have a cup of tea or some cereal and just drown out the noise.

Well yes I did not exercise today and yes I did over eat but right now I don’t give a care because I needed today like a weekend ago ☺ (Jidenna-little bit more). I needed some TLC that only I could give to me, because only I know how I wanted it.

Anyways Y’all- Live, Love, Laugh. It is important♥

I love you for reading!

Signed   ~Biblical Beauty™️ ♥



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