I wanna Quit!!!! Day 48

I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning, I woke up tired but I worked out and it was challenging, as I said I took on the 4 week HIIT challenge. I had an okay breakfast, had a falling out and was pressed for time and rushing to come to work.

I didn’t eat as I would have wanted to this weekend but I did not over do it to the point where I should feel guilty. I stepped on the scale this morning and the scale said that I back where I started. Do you all know how disappointing this is. To be day 48 in a challenge and to be back at square one.

I want to quit, because to me this doesn’t make any sense. I am drinking the teas, doing the work out’s, limiting my sugar, eating healthy and smaller portions for the most part and this is where I am at?

Hmmmn, well y’all right now I am pitying myself and I am eating a slice a cake(leave me alone) and I am just going to wallow a bit. This whole weight thing is getting on my damn nerves. I am not comparing myself with persons, but I have seen women who just have kids and they are back down and I ain’t have not one baby and this is it?!? Nah, Jesus, you have to do something.

I guess this is me reacting and not responding but somebody explain to me what the hell is going on? My co worker is laughing at me and he says he is laughing with me but he lying. I am just frustrated and he is making fun of me. WHY??! Β I mean, I am chuckling— a little bit but this shit hurts bro. I gave him the cake to eat, okay!!!

Anyways, I am back to pouting and feeling bad. I hope my day perks up. I have an apple in my bag and will have that as my snack today but then I have choir and stuff tonight and don’t know what I will do concerning food.

Jesus take the wheel.

To my fellow challengers, I am sorry . I still look good though…stupes!

I love you all for reading!


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