Day 50! Change of Plans

I envisioned me writing some eloquent blog explaining my feelings this morning but that all changed when this peculiar situation arose and now I am just damn upset…PISSED even but I digress.

Today is day 50 and as explained in previous post, I am pretty disappointed where I am at in this journey because I should be farther than this but I am not gonna cry over spilled milk (maybe cause I did already *clears throat*) but I am gonna try again. I have decided to change the end date for my challenge to August 5th, because I somewhat jumped into this challenge and didn’t work out the logistics of everything. The new goal is 10 pounds. We can do this!


I have multiple activities at the moment and I am not eating properly, I am working out but I need to eat a bit more healthier and figure out how to do so when I have so much going on. I am challenging myself to do better and to not quit because it is so easy to do so especially when I like food and like to cook/bake.

I did not exercise this morning because I have been going to bed so late and I have no energy to do so. I will try my best to work out tomorrow and Friday to make my quota but bear with me.

I am writing and I am feeling a lot better, and hope my day follow suit. I have class later on and I wish class was already over, lol I know that’s not a good attitude but eh, sometimes it’s like that.

I have lentil pea soup today compliments my mama, she is the bomb. I love lentil peas, in soup or otherwise, so I know I am gonna enjoy lunch.

I need some kind of adventure, feeling stuck in a rut. Any suggestions? Let me know your ideas.

I love you for reading, thank you and have an awesome day!β™₯


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  1. Bette says:

    Essays like this are so important to bridaenong people’s horizons.

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