GOING AND GOING AND GOING- That is literally what I have been doing. I wake up early, get to work, then class then choir. This past week has been looooooooooooong and while it is tiring, I am loving it. It has been awhile since I have been doing so much but I revel in those moments. I am in love with choir, not so much my course because I am ready for it to be over; I expect to be this busy for the next two weeks until the Pure Grenada Fest.

It is now crunch time and everyone participating in the festival is getting ready, frantically I might add to get it all correct. The long days has caused a break in my schedule and I am not eating properly at all. Last night I over did it and I am not too proud of myself. So to make amends I did a 15 minute workout this morning. LOL.

I said I was taking a break but I feel uncomfortable with my current state, I am not pleased at all with my eating and I am trying my very best to make adjustments. I have two weeks to go and I can do something about it now. For instance after choir, we usually have refreshments. It was a sandwich. Instead of eating it last night, I had the sandwich for breakfast (Granted I wasn’t hungry because I overdid the eating thang earlier on that day).

I am making a concerted effort to think about what I am doing because when I get into a “don’t care mode” then I just do whatever I want and that is not conducive to success and I have been in this mode admittedly for a few weeks now. I honestly don’t like getting this way because then I feel a sense of hopelessness and I turn to food, which is a horrible habit.I am recognizing that it is each small step that makes the difference not the grand moves, those will come later but it’s that small changes/steps that count.

On Saturday, I plan to get some much needed rest because I will have to do it all over again next week. As I said I don’t mind because, I am doing something I love and this is my start. Great things ahead. Trust me.

Thank you to all those who continue to follow my journey, the good, the bad and the ugly. I appreciate the encouraging words, the scoldings and everything in between. I am going to get there.♥

Always remember, I love you for reading.

date night 4-15-17.jpg
Date night 4/15/2017♥♥♥

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  1. That is exactly what it is all about — going and going and going! The willpower to do anything, even just 15 minutes of working out is huge!
    I am so much like you in that I get into the all or nothing, “I don’t care” mindset, but recognizing it is so important to learn to move past it. I love how you say that the small steps make the big difference in the end!
    Thank you for the reminder, you are looking amazing!! ♥♥


    1. Thank you Alexis!!!!! Your support is appreciated. You are gorgeous as well!!!!♥

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