Day 59 4/21/2017

Is there a word to describe 10 levels past exhaustion?

If there is please let me know, because that is what I feel at this point in time. Once again I went to bed after 11 and woke up a bit after 5. I wrestled with exercising but my will won and I did a 20 minute power walk. Y’all, I am uncomfortable, my jeans are too tight, my stomach is high, my legs are rubbing together, my shirt arms are too tight and I still wanna eat like nobody’s business. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!

Everyone has struggles and one of mine is food, especially emotional eating. This has to stop but when will it?!? *shrugs*. I feel a bit proud of myself though- usually after choir, they give refreshments, last night I contemplated eating because I was hungry, so I decided that I would. I started to eat  and then my little sister asked me for some, initially I said no☺ but then my conscience started to work and I decided to give her and my Mom everything.

This may sound like nothing but I was hungry, we finished singing almost 10:00p.m. from after 7p.m. My body needed something but I didn’t eat all the cake etc…I went home and made some cereal and lived with that.

My workout this morning was adequate but right now I could take several naps and today is a very busy day on work. I bought some coffee to see if it would aid to me not falling asleep but to me it is contributing to the urge to lay my butt down.

I feel a headache coming on but I really would prefer that I just stay good my headaches are the worst. Also, in my state of exhaustion, I get irritable very very easily and I don’t have time for people having attitudes or behaving in a passive aggressive manner. If persons have issues and wanna take it out on me then they need to redirect themselves to a different location because I am not having it.giphy.gif

Anyway I plan to go walking with my mommy tomorrow Morning, let us hope that I keep my promise and wake up early enough because when I get home this evening, I plan to do all my chores so that I don’t have NADA to do on tomorrow but SLEEP.

I sincerely hope all my readers and followers are doing great.

Remember, I love you for reading♥


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