Not in a good mood 4/24/17 Day 62

This morning, I woke up and it feels like everything that I have to do is bullying me to the point where I am just frustrated and want to cower in a hole. I hate being forced to do something that would be unfavorable for me, all in the name of pleasing people. I understand that people have been good to me but must I pay back persons for every good deed done to/for me; hmmm, well if that is the case then every good deed that I’ve done needs to be repaid- It just does not work that way.

So I just added to my workload because that particular thing seems like a good opportunity but here I am trying to juggle everything for this week and I am just wondering when I would get time to …BREATHE*

I said that I was gonna work out this morning and my ankle was not having it, so I woke up in proper time to work out and just had to lay in bed because I just couldn’t. My brain is tired, I feel huge and I feel like I am spinning out of control.

So my co-worker last Friday was so rude to me and today, He wanna act like if nothing happened, making unnecessary conversation. BOY STOOOPPPPPPP.  We ain’t on that level anymore—–well until I am good and ready because this is not  the first time. giphy (1).gif

Right now I am drinking some extra bitter and extra black coffee because it matches my mood. Also because I feel exhausted already and maybe this black gold will brighten me up. I have already gotten into one unneeded argument for the morning and I tell you, I don’t need anyone else to try me.

In all of my Frustration, exhaustion, I still have to be there for my special someone because His friend passed away. Life is so short, He was only 26. He is hurt and broken and I am having a myriad of emotions and So I have to compartmentalize everyone of my emotions to accommodate him. SMH!!!

Anyway, have yourself a blessed day everyone. If you can workout do, try to eat your healthiest. Make good choices today. I am trying to do most of these because my body decided not to cooperate and I couldn’t workout!

Always know that I love you for reading!

giphy (2)


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