And it came to me like an Epiphany! Day 64 4/26/2017

Yesterday I worked out for the first time in years on the Gazelle and it was refreshing. As I mentioned in my previous posts, that I do not go to a gym and I seldom have any encouragement or a support system. I tried to do this challenge and pull in some of my friends to join but the enthusiasm was poor and I myself got discouraged and fell off.

While on the Gazelle, I realize that I was exercising for the wrong reasons, that’s why I have been starting and stopping. I realized that I set goals based on an event or a dress that I wanna wear or something along those lines. While those things may work for others, it has not been working for me because I often get demotivated and quit.

People often say, if you don’t wanna continue to quit then don’t stop but that it is easier said than done. There are so many external factors that can deter you from progressing and they can also depress you. I am working on constantly looking on the inside and to my Jesus to helping me; stopping allowing things to shake me up and remove sight from my original intent.

I made up in my mind that I just wanna be the best Melissa that I can possibly be. If I keep that in mind then I will do the things in order to facilitate that to occur. I am tired of the short term progress, I wanna just continue to do the things that would make me better whether it be exercising, paying keen attention to what I put into my body, what I listen to or what I accept, I wanna do them all because it’s for ME.

giphy (2)

I no longer wanna look like this person or that person, I wanna look like the best Melissa Jules that I can. There is no one like me, I am the only Me and that is beautiful. God took his time to craft me because I have a huge purpose on this earth and I need to be holistically healthy to fulfil that plus I plan to stick around for a long time, successful and in my right mind.

I am thankful for this challenge though because while I didn’t reach the goal, I gained so much more and that is clarity.  I need to seek my own interest because I am needed and not some version of someone else, I, Me, I am needed and might I add wanted.

This portion of my life, may not be easy but I know that God is constantly going to be by my side to aid me with strength to get through it all. I have started singing again and I don’t wanna stop and that to be is scary. I used to shy away because I feared that I don’t sound a particular way or can do all the runs and rift (I can do some😏😏😏😏) or I don’t measure up but I am Melissa, I can only sing like me but I was given this gift because it is needed for a time such like this.

So I will be performing at the pure Grenada Music Festival, as part of the Gospel Chorale and doing back ups for an international Artist. I am excited and nervous but I am grateful, that I was given the opportunity to lend my gift for such a meaningful thing. I am praying God affords me more and more opportunities so that I don’t have to stop.

I am grateful to you all my readers, you motivate me to continue to write, Thank you!!!

I pray that all of you are okay and please remember that I love you for reading♥

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