Day 68 4/30/2017 I value my independence!

One thing I hate is being dependent on others!

‘No man is an Island’ This is an old adage used when depicting our need for one another. I agree with it to some degree but I still value my independence and getting things done for myself.

For instance, last night I wanted to go out to lend my support to my special someone. I asked someone (who shall remain nameless) for a ride, DAYS AGO- We agreed that I would put fuel in the vehicle as a sort of remuneration for the service. Lo and behold last night, when I reminded said person, they got upset and said they are not going anywhere.


I was pissed at the fact that this person knew and agreed to this arrangement, I was even more pissed that I have my damn license and still don’t drive. SMH  All because of Fear? fear? fear? I am appalledgiphy (4).gif     I vowed to myself this is the last year that I will not be driving, because this handicapped feeling isn’t nice.

People are people, they have attitudes and moods and they disappoint. On that note, I will be making the necessary adjustments to do what I have to do to be mobile.

You know what’s funny tho, after I told the persons that I cannot make it, this person decides that they behaved wrongly and decided to give me the ride…..[INSERT SCREAM]. I ALREADY CONFIRMED THAT I AM NOT GOING AND NOW YOU WANNA GO?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *TAKES A DEEP ASS BREATH*
giphy (3).gif

People, It is time to be independent. Make moves, do things. While no man is an island and we need each other, total dependence on others is not good! AT ALL!

I digress….

I did not work out today and I feel ugh because I like the gazelle but I need rest as well. Last night when my plans were foiled,  I stayed up and did my assignment for class and completed it, so I am free to practice the songs I have to do for the PURE GRENADA MUSIC FEST commencing on Friday 5th May.

For those in my beautiful and Exquisite Island, come out in your numbers to support all the local talent being showcased on those 3 nights, we need it. We are your own, show your love to us.

You can get your tickets at the following locations:
Ticket Outlets: Grenadian Optical, Nyack Lotto, Licks N Bites, Petite Anse Hotel & Restaurant Grenada, Le Phare Bleu Boutique Hotel & Marina, Mermaid Beach Hotel, Carriacou
Box Office: Port Louis Marina (Mon-Sat 10am-6pm)

Happy Sunday loves, enjoy this day and remember, I LOVE YOU FOR READING!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jpjh says:

    i woulda give you a jockey


    1. lol, I would have taken it too because I wanted to go 😦


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