Challenge over!!!/1 year Anniversary/Pure Grenada Music Festival

So you thought I forgot about you huh? I can explain…


For those who has been following me, knows that I was on a challenge where my goal was to lose six pounds by May 7th, unbeknownst to me, life would say uh uh UHHHHH and my plans would take an unexpected turn.

My challenge is now over and instead of losing pounds, I am like 3 pounds heavier LOL, smh. During this challenge I got depressed, binged, cried, worked out, restricted myself and most importantly I gained clarity.  As explained in one of my previous posts, I realized that my motivation to lose weight and to fit into clothes was all wrong. I was doing this based on who I want to look like and not because I loved me enough to take care of me and so I am shucking this mentality and notion of perfection to just be the best Melissa I can possibly be.

To become the best Melissa, I will ultimately have to do all the good things I need to do to accommodate that occurrence. I will have to exercise, I will have to eat right but I will also have to get a grip on my emotions and feed my mind, heart and soul with love and positivity.  Many times we tend to take care of our bodies and neglect our mental, spiritual and emotional health. We are body, soul and spirit. In order to be holisticly healthy, we have to take care of those three parts- It’s a must, not an option.

With that being said, I am on my way. I haven’t worked out in a few days but I am watching what I eat and trying not to stress myself out. I am exercising patience with myself and in doing so, loving the process and me on this journey called life. My six pound challenge is over but I will continue to challenge myself to do the necessaries to be the best ME EVER!!!!♥


May 8th made it one year since I did the BIG CHOP and decided to keep my hair in a natural state, since then I have not regretted my decision, but it has not been easy. I decided to cut my hair because I wanted change and plus my hair was really badly damaged and I needed to do something about it in a drastic manner, ergo chop chop CHOP☺

I hesitated doing the big chop at first, fearing that I would look so ugly but that so was not the case. Firstly, I felt free, I don’t know but it was just something about taking that step that allowed me to let go of foolish notions about hair. My natural hair enhances my features and makes me feel sexy.

growing 1 collage

I have made youtube and hair vlogs, blogs my sanctuary. I have failed with hair products and hairstyles, I have cried and threatened to go bald, I have had breakage and even wanted to relax it again but I am yet holding on and today I feel proud to be going strong for 1 year.

I am rocking this hairstyle today and probably for the entire week. It’s the cutest!


I made the best decision for hair 1 year ago and I am a proud Naturalista!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋



Remember I said I would explain why I haven’t been blogging, well it was because I was busy preparing for the Pure Grenada Music Festival. Long days and loooooong nights, little time to sleep or to do anything else, had been neglecting things but it was for a good cause and even more awesome experience.

The PGMF was 3 nights, I performed two of those nights but lemme tell y’all something, it was one of the most exciting and liberating experiences of my life! I had the pleasure of being a back up vocalist for one of the top bands in the island (Soul Deep Grenada) and also be apart of the Grenadian Gospel Chorale- and guess what ya girl had a solo…I am kicking fear’s ass!!!!!👞🍑 👞🍑 👞🍑

You know what is kool, I really don’t wanna stop singing, I have a gift and it is time to use it.

Lemme just talk a bit about the highlights of my night- LION PAW and MR. TARRUS RILEY.

Lion Paw & D-Unit is a local Grenadian band, I know the lead singer of the band personally😜😜😜😜; He was amazing. He has a passion for music and He is an impressive performer. He was blessed with an extraordinary talent and I am pleased to have seen that first hand.

Check him out “LION PAW MUSIC

Tarrus Riley is also a great performer but his band…..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super duper awesome, they were cohesive and their sound was beautiful. Plus Mr. Riley sang all the songs that I like. I was not his biggest fan before though, don’t really like his voice🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 but his songs (lyrics and musical arrangement) are lovely and I am a fan now!!!

All in all I enjoyed myself and I am looking forward to next year. Who knows I may just be  one of the main performers LOL!!

Until next time loves, be good to yourselves and remember, I love you for reading!!!♥





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