I literally have nothing interesting to write about and so I have been neglecting my blog. I initially wanted to write about my stolen phone but sometimes you just have to let sleeping dogs lie.

I haven’t been doing anything special but the usual which consists of coming to work- serving customer, going to school and then home- pretty boring and very routine but eh sometimes it’s that way.

At this moment I am feeling very nauseous and want to puke but I am trying my best to drink this water and hoping that this nausea will subside. Oh yeah, I got a new water bottle and I have been trying my best to keep my water intake up.IMG_20170525_115438[1]

It’s pretty cute and has a place inside so you can put fruits or herbs to make flavored water. I chose well. I have also been making small changes to my diet- healthier choices. As I said before I am doing things that will benefit me as I am in competition with no one but me.

As we are on the topic of doing things for yourself, last friday I had a difficult day from start to finish, so when I got home I decided to sing and not only that, I did a video and posted it on facebook!!!  The feedback that I’ve been receiving really humbles me, I am really grateful to God for bestowing me with this gift. I have kept it hidden for so long but I do need to branch out.

Might I say I am kicking fear’s ass!!!giphy (2) smug.gif lol!

Anyway, I will post the link so that you all can view the video and tell me what you guys think. Be nice as well!

This journey called life is one helluva rollercoaster but I am learning to love every dip and curve as they are preparing me for the heights to come!

I sincerely hope everyone is striving and being their best self and remember, I love you for Reading!♥♥


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