When it counts the most!

This morning, I was having the most wonderful of sleeps and I woke up to use the restroom, glimpsed at the clock and realized that I had to wake up to exercise in about an hour….I decided at that moment that I was not gonna work out because my body needed the rest. lol

Before I went to bed last night, I watched a video from one of my favourite exercise personalities and He was saying that even He gets to the point where He doesn’t want to work out, especially after a long day, with so much being done but He still does it because those are the moments that really counts. So even though I adjusted my alarm to a later time, I still got up and did a work out. I was pleased.

Where there is a will, there is a way and I am doing this for me, for my betterment, to get myself right, so every step is a good step because I am progressing in the right direction and all I want…..no need is progress! If you’ve read my last night post, you would see that I need some glimmer of hope and If I can do things that can bring hope to me then it’s all good.

After a good workout, for breakfast I had a smoothie, I am gradually trying to incorporate them into my diet again. I gave them up because 1. financially I wasn’t able to upkeep and 2. Spinach is from the devil lol. Now I am using whatever fruit it has in season and skimmed milk which isn’t too expensive and a few other ingredients.

Today’s smoothie consisted of Kale, Parsley, cherries, apricots, skimmed milk, honey, water, ice, bananas, 1 green apple, ginger and love ☺

I am gonna try to drink a smoothie in place of breakfast or as a snack for at least once a week, so far, so good.

Anyways y’all the moral of this story is that when doing good things, sometimes you don’t want to do it because of circumstances but those are the instances when doing them matter the most.

Have a great day everyone and remember, I love you for reading♥




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