Be Brave…

I endured the storm…

Tropical Storm Bret gave Grenada  a small beating last night, no significant bruises or so but we still got licks. Due to my horrific experience with Hurricane Ivan, I abhor any weather system that brings gusty winds- I didn’t sleep too well last night but I made it.

This reminds of the storms that life brings and because of past scares and scars, we often cower in fear, not wanting to go through that episode again. In moments that I am afraid or hurt or disappointed, I turn to God of course but I always ask my mom what she thinks and she always tells me the same things “Be Brave” or “Be strong and Courageous”!

It is what the Bible commands us to do but it is true, no matter what storm comes our way, if we are only brave, only are courageous, we will get through it and come out refined; stronger, ready to take on new battles with a new outlook.

Today as I go through my own storm, I am admonished to be brave. To go through the fire like the boss that I am. These storms come not to break me but to build me and I will ultimately be great.

If any of you are going through some tough times, I want to encourage you to not give up, to not give in. PERSEVERE! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that trouble don’t last always, that this is only for a season. Remind yourself to BE BRAVE.

Until next time my loves!

For those living in the windward Islands, especially my paradise called Grenada, please be safe and stay dry. Remember I love you reading!

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